About Me

My name is Alexis Turner. I am a graphic designer who went to West Virginia University. I have always been creative, and I love getting to utilize my passion through my career. I feel most in my element in web based projects, but motion and print works are also super enjoyable. Outside of design work, I love painting, reading, and playing video games (especially The Legend of Zelda).

Email: alexis.turner341@gmail.com

Photo of Alexis Turner smiling
  • Alexis and her younger sister in band uniforms
  •  view out of a plane window
  •  orange cat laying in a patch of sunlight
  • plate of rice with shrimp skewers on top
  • Alexis holding the hand of her younger cousin
  • snapshot of a painting, featuring a hand
  • Alexis Turner taking a photograph
  • WVU Marching band performing during a halftime show
  • two younger girls on a tire swing