Ad poster showcasing the pac man characters in the real world ad poster showcasing mario icons in the real world ad poster showcasing tetris pieces in the real world

Ad Campaign

Ad campaign designed to convince kids to spend more time outdoors.


Thumbnail Sketches

nine thumbnail sketches nine more thumbnail sketches

To begin, I created a variety of sketches brainstorming as many different ideas as possible. These thumbnails were meant to get as many ideas out as possible, and allow me to go from obvious ideas to more abstract ones. Being able to get ideas out with low time commitment allows interesting ideas to flow more naturally.

Finalized Sketches

large sketch of pac man characters in the real world

I created more defined sketches of the ones I felt were the strongest contenders to move forward with, expanding the idea to a full composition and playing with more specific layout and concept details. With this sketch, I started out with a very straight-on composition, which I later dropped for one with more perceived motion.

Mockup of pac man characters in the real world


I mocked up these sketches to see how the ideas looked with images, rather than just drawings. This allowed me to experiment with color and lighting to create depth and tone in a way paper and pencil couldn't. Here, I explored how to place cartoon objects in the real world, keeping their cartoon aesthetic while also making them fit into the environment.

Companion Mockups

Once I picked a campaign to move forward with, I made mockups of two more related compositions. These allowed me to explore in the same way as the first mockups, but with a campaign instead of three different ideas. Through this mockup, I realized that the plane I was using was very flat and did not match with my other two, which inspired me to find a way to give it depth and a sense of 3D space. With what I learned from these mockups, I created the three ads above.

Mockup of tetris pieces in the real world